Chapter One Prize 2022

It’s been another little while since my last post, the editing and re-writing of my second novel being the major reason why. Looking back through my posts to check when my latest update was, I realised I’d never mentioned that amidst the blog tours for Embers, I finished my teaching job in Scotland, moved back to Sweden, and started applying for PhD positions in literature here. All the while working on book two. Simply put – a lot!

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Debut Books to Read in 2022

This week I logged onto my twitter for the first time in a long while and found out that Embers has been included in a list of 10 debut novels to discover in 2022.

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Book Review – The Blind Scribe

Happy Friday bookish people! Today is my stop on the book tour for Embers by Josephine Greenland. Thank you to Anne Cater and Random Tours for sending me a copy of this book to read and review.

This book immersed me in the history and culture of the Sami people which prior to this book I had never heard about before. I found the plot intriguing and I really liked how the tension increased

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Book Review – Lucy Rambles

Embers is a dark, and twisted tale that follows a brother and sister team that is desperate to find the answers to a horrific crime.

Firstly, I really appreciated the bond between brother and sister being shown in this book. When they’re sent to Svartjokk, Ellen has no option but to look after Simon.


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Book Review – Cheryl MM and Heidiandherbooks

Two reviews from the second day of the Embers Blog Tour hosted by Random Things Tours.Ellen is reluctant to take a holiday and even more reluctant to take her brother Simon with her. The trip becomes a journey into the past and a forest of lies. It also becomes a journey to solve a grotesque crime, a crime which is connected to their own heritage – they just don’t know it yet.


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Book Review – Pages of Eden

Day 1 of the Embers Blog Tour with Random Things Tours organised by Anne Cater. First up is a review by Pages of Eden @HaslamEden on Twitter.

The sense of place is so important to this story and the description of the location and culture was very well done.

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Embers Audiobook Out Now!

I’m delighted to say that the audiobook version of Embers is now available on all major platforms, distributed by audio content company Findaway. This is a fantastic way of getting the book out to an even wider audience, accessible not only to avid readers, but also avid listeners.

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Embers Blog Tour – Novel Excerpt

Stop 9 in the Embers Blog Tour is hosted by The Book Bandit’s Library – featuring a novel excerpt depicting the calf marking scene; the first time Ellen and Simon get up close with the reindeer.


‘Do you hear that, Ellen?’ Simon said, excitement in his eyes. ‘There must be at least a hundred reindeer here!’

Ellen had been aware of the noise as soon they stepped out of the car. Now, she paid proper attention to it.

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Embers Review by Phonotonal

Review by Steve Fenton of Phonotonal – Music/Words/Subculture

Embers is a book of many threads. Through the core story of a mysterious ritualistic slaughter of a reindeer herd, other themes emerge and bend around this main narrative. Ellen and Simon are the youngsters at the centre of the story, motivated in part by Simon’s love of detective mysteries but also by a sense of injustice as the local police fail to take their discovery seriously.


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Embers Blog Tour – Excerpt with I Got Lost in a Book

Stop 6 of the blog tour – Novel excerpt shared by Jess, from chapter 2, which uncovers why Ellen and Simon travel north to the fictional town of Svartjokk.

‘He’s overwrought. He needs a holiday,’ Mum announced the next evening. She and Ellen were standing on the veranda in the back garden, laying the table. Dad was in the kitchen, chopping onions for the bolognese. ‘He could go with you, Ellen.’

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