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Review by Cheryl of @mm_cheryl

Ellen is reluctant to take a holiday and even more reluctant to take her brother Simon with her. The trip becomes a journey into the past and a forest of lies. It also becomes a journey to solve a grotesque crime, a crime which is connected to their own heritage – they just don’t know it yet. The attempts to cover up a crime and pervert the course of justice are a something Simon can’t and won’t accept.

I find it interesting how both the existence and treatment of the Sámi people remain something akin to a dirty secret. The Scandinavian societies are generally perceived as forward thinking and modern in certain areas, and also often held up as examples for the rest of Europe.

The truth is that they have their fair share of problems that are kept nice and quiet, including the history of the mistreatment of their indigenous people. Unfortunately the systemic racism, irrational hatred and attempt to ignore their historical importance is still prevalent. Instead of gaining insight into the past, heritage and the mystical link they have with their surroundings – Scandinavians (not all) choose to treat the Sámi people with contempt. 

I truly hope Greenland revisits this riveting sleuthing duo and writes another book featuring the siblings. The combination of the reluctant older sister, the younger brother with a lack of impulse control and their crime solving seen through the lens of a someone with Asperger’s, really makes for a great read.

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Review by Heidi of @heidiandherbooks on Instagram

Okay first of all can we just appreciate how beautiful the cover of this book is please?! 

Two siblings go on holiday and find themselves investigating and horrific crime which leads them to find secrets about their own family and past. 

I really enjoyed reading this book, the way it’s written is beautiful and a real page-turner. 
I loved following Simon and Ellen on their adventure, especially with access to the thoughts going through Simon’s head. 
This was a unique murder mystery, the characters were well developed, I could picture the scenes in my head with ease and I can’t wait to read more by this author. 

If you enjoyed the curious incident of the dog in the night time, this book is definitely for you. 

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