Debut Books to Read in 2022

Feature – Nothing In the Rulebook

This week I logged onto my twitter for the first time in a long while and found out that Embers has been included in a list of 10 debut novels to discover in 2022. This was a very welcome surprise, and a nice return to the Embers world as I’ve been head deep in book 2 edits for the past 6 months. The list features other Unbounders including Andy Charman’s Crow Court, Jason Cobley’s A Thousand Years to Arras and Samuel Dodson’s and Rosy Benson’s Philospher’s Dogs.

Below is the description for Embers

Embers is a first novel by Josephine Greenland. A beautifully told mystery that takes place amidst conflict between contemporary Swedes, and Sami reindeer herders who want to preserve their traditional way of life. Against this backdrop, Embers explores themes of hate crime, prejudice, family relationships and animal cruelty. Reading this book, one cannot help but be drawn into the dark mysteries at its heart, which are mirrored by the dark forests of northern Sweden and the mysticism of Sami folklore.

You can read the full post and features of the other novels here