Embers is Josephine's debut novel, written during her MA in Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. The novel is based on her own travels in northern Sweden together with her brother, and actual crimes that have been committed in this region. 

17-year-old Ellen Blind travels to Svartjokk, a small town in northern Sweden, with her brother Simon, a 14-year-old with Aspergers and obsession with detective stories. They’re on a holiday arranged by their parents, who claim that the siblings should bond, visit the birthplace of their late grandfather, Lars-Erik, and discover their Sami roots. Ellen, though, knows that her parents also want them out of the way so they can sort out their marital problems. The holiday turns upside down when the siblings discover reindeer heads in the forest. Simon’s findings at the scene suggest the reindeer have been poisoned. Frustrated with the police’s lack of interest, Simon is determined to find the perpetrator. Ellen reluctantly helps him. investigation takes them to the local Sami village and the owner of the dead reindeer, Per-Anders Thomasson. It turns out that Per-Anders knows far more about the Lars-Erik’s past than the siblings did, and the more they learn, the more Ellen suspects that the reindeer killing is somehow connected to their grandfather. Secrets of the past burn in the present. 

Embers was funded by crowdfunded publisher Unbound and will be published 4th march 2021. You can still pre-order the novel and get your name in the book as a supporter here

The crowdfunding video for Embers can be found here. 

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